fischertechnik Robo TX Controller

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ROXO XT Controller 

Measure, control, and regulate with the fischertechnik TXT Controller

the controller with 32-bit processor, display, large storage capacity and compact housing (90x90x15mm) offers numerous possibilities for mounting on five sides. With an integrated Bluetooth radio interface (2.4 GHz / range of about 10 m). Several ROBO TX control coupled. 32-bit ARM 9 processor (200 MHz) Memory: 8 MB RAM, 2 MB Flash

Inputs: Digital / Analog 0-9VDC, analog 0-5 kOhm

4 fast counting inputs: Digital, frequency up to 4 1 kHz motorized

9V / 250mA outputs: adjustable stepless speed, short circuit, alternating, 8 individual outputs, 2 expansion connections: I2C and RS 485 for further coupling ROBO TX Controller Show: 128x64 pixel black and white

USB interface: USB 2.0 (1.1 compatible), max. 12Mbit, including mini-USB programming with ROBO Pro software or C compiler (not included) Incl. Required USB connection cable is Accu Set or Power set Dimensions: 22.5 x6, 5x15, cm

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