Interactive Baby Steering Wheel Piano Animal Sounds Phone

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Interactive Baby Steering Wheel Piano Animal Sounds Phone

Presented educational toy is an ideal product for the first months of baby's life. Steering wheel equipped with colorful buttons will give your child great pleasure, when touching the selected element will result in the appearance of lights and sounds fun is even better. The child gets to know the surrounding world, additionally developing its motor and manual skills, hearing and the ability to understand the world, shapes and colors. The toy imitating a real steering wheel known from the parents' car will bring the child a lot of fun and will be a perfect solution during car trips.

Moreover, there is a gear stick on the right side of the toy and an adjustable mirror on the left. The size of the steering wheel is perfectly adjusted to the size of baby's little hands, which will only make it easier for him to discover new sounds and phenomena. The sounds pleasing to the ear, colourful design and most importantly - good and solid workmanship will meet the expectations of all parents and their kids. While having fun, your toddler will learn how to recognise animal sounds and how to handle objects of various shapes. The steering wheel has 2 volume modes, which allows adjusting the level to the play place or time of day. The steering wheel also has a telephone on the left side and a piano in the middle with three modes.

This musical toy consists of an ergonomically shaped steering wheel that fits little hands perfectly, as well as music buttons and a rotating mirror. Moreover, toddler will find there a key and buttons to start engine voice. The educational panel is CE certified, which means that it meets all requirements. In order for the toddler to enjoy all the attractions provided by the toy, it should be powered by 3 pieces of AA 1.5 V batteries.

Dimensions of the toy:

41 cm x 30 cm x 14.5 cm

Box dimensions:

42.5 cm x 32.5 cm x 16.5 cm

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