Silverlit Silverlit Programme-A-Bot X

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Programmable–Up to 48 Commands. Full Function Remote Control/Walk/Glide Forward and Backward Walk/Glide Left and Right. Motion Control Glide Backward Glide Forward Turn Right Turn Left. One press to Dance Mode, LED light Facial Expression, Walking with swinging arms, Cool Robotic Sound Effects. A giant robot suitable for children 5+. Requires 4 x AA for the robot and 2 x AAA for the controllerNot suitable for children under 3. A robot like no other this Program A Bot X has the ability to be controlled in 3 completely different ways. The robot is programmable with up to 48 unique commands (answering to you only!), use a fully functioning direct remote control to control his movements or use the motion control with a simple hand gesture. This robot can walk like a human, glide about like a professional skier and pop and lock just like a hip-hop dancer – can you match up to his skills?. Coming with cool robotic sound effects and various LED facial expressions, the Program A Bot X will be a top hit amongst robot lovers

Weight 1.24 Kilograms

Product Dimensions: 45.0 x 25.0 x 15.0 cm (L x W x H)

Age: 5 - 14 years

Manufacturer code: 88071

Color: White

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